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eBusiness PLUS ($250.00 per mo.)
B2B and Interface to OSAS or Traverse
  • Automatic Data Transfer to OSAS or Traverse
  • Automatic Update of Order Status from OSAS or Traverse to eCommerce system
  • Hosting of web site
  • DNS Service
  • Catalog of products
  • Order Entry System
  • Quantity Level pricing
  • Customer Specific pricing
  • Online History of orders
  • Order Status Inquiry
  • Remote Administration
  • Batch updates of pricing from OSAS or Traverse
  • Five (5) email accounts (additional email accounts are $1.00 each per mo.)
  • Virutal Server (Static IP address avaliable for an additional $10.00 per mo.)
  • Free Telephone support for thirty (30) days
One-time setup fee of $500.00 if Customware loads catalog and pricing information (excluding graphics and pictures) supplied by customer in usable electronic format; otherwise, the standard $50.00 setup fee for the following.
  • Domain Registration*
  • Setup and configuration of email accounts
  • Creation of virtual email server
  • Creation of virtual web server
  • One-time submission of domain in popular search engines
* Client is responsible for the annual domain fees.
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